Mexico is one of the most fascinating countries in Latin America, thanks to its long and fascinating history. It is the venue for a lot of different cultures, as it is located between North America and South America and close to many smaller countries such as Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Cuba. The influence of American, Spanish and indigenous Indians is evident in this modern country that is a link between the industrialized world and developing countries. Mexico offers modern cities and magnificent scenery, and is a paradise of mountains and volcanoes, deserts and beaches. Thanks to Mexico's magnificent past, you can find beautiful ruins as evidence of past civilizations. Also within biodiversity Mexico is a world leader with more than 200,000 different species of the plant kingdom.

In Mexico, we can offer a project near San Miguel de Allende. Mexico is a country known for its friendly people and parties. Volunteering in Mexico, is both challenging and rewarding. Its many different indigenous groups, poor economy and lack of government support to maintain state facilities has meant that it has made things more difficult for the poor population in the country. As a volunteer in Mexico, it gives you an excellent opportunity to learn Spanish.


IWASHERE invites individuals, couples, families, students, researchers and groups to volunteer in Mexico. A good command of English is recommended. Volunteers from all countries, backgrounds and experiences are welcome to participate in programs in Mexico. Everyone has something to contribute!

A typical week
The structure of the week may vary from project to project. As a volunteer you will work approximately 4-8 hours a day and have and weekly days off. Working days are planned with our project, it is possible to get time off if you need to do something such as going on a trip, just remember to inform the project coordinator in good time.

Volunteers can expect to work from 9:00 am to 15:00 pm Monday through Friday. Volunteers in Mexico have the evening free. Durin g your time off, you can go into town with the other volunteers , or even eat with a local family.

The weekend
In Mexico, the great passion for football cannot be ignored, all in honor of the dead Dia de Los Muertos . Exploring Mexican cuisine is much more than nachos and tortillas. In your spare time you can go on local excursions, exploring the Mexican culture. Transportation is very cheap in Mexico, this gives you ample opportunities to explore the country. The town of San Miguel De Allende, is far from a quiet town. Every night there is live music and a lot of art galleries. You can also try 4-wheeling, horseback riding, arts education, and visit the hot springs or take Spanish lessons.

When you arrive at the airport, you will be picked up by a project coordinator. Then you will be taken to a guest house for volunteers. All volunteers will receive information about the country, culture, and project and given a tour of the city.


In Mexico you have the opportunity to volunteer on a small project, This project is a free kindergarten for children with single mothers. These single mothers have either been abandoned by their men or have run away from a violent relationship or have come to town to give their children a better life. Most of the mothers, work as maids for the rich who live in San Miguel de Allende. This makes it difficult for them to care for their children during the day and they cannot afford childcare. As a volunteer, you will help with entertaining the children, playing, drawing, feeding and changing their clothes when necessary. You will also help with arranging and taking the children on trips. On this project volunteers help by giving the children a little color in their lives, for example by taking them on trips, playing music for them or playing sports with them. Every project is special in its own way, but on all projects volunteers make life easier for the overworked staff. If you can assist with general everyday chores, give your attention to neglected children and disadvantaged people, your contribution will be deeply appreciated by those around you.