In co-operation with our partner in Ecuador, IWASHERE invites we volunteers who are willing to offer their support exactly where the local population`s needs are greatest. Ecuador desperately needs volunteers to help them in a number of projects. We offer a variety of programs in Ecuador and we are sure to have one that fits your interests and skills.
Ecuador is South America's second smallest country and is located in the north-western part of the South American continent. Despite its size, you will find snow-capped mountain peaks, white sandy beaches and tropical rainforest. In the late 1990s, Ecuador faced major financial crisis due to a series of natural disasters and rising oil prices. However its economy is gradually recovering even -though a third of its population is still living below the line of poverty. Nevertheless, the Ecuadorian population is known for its hospitality.
Projects in the Galapagos Islands offers you a unique opportunity to work as a volunteer in a stunning natural surroundings were you have a great opportunity to become acquainted with both an unsurpassed plant kingdom and the islands hospitable inhabitants. Our projects in milijø, nature, education and humanitarian work is based in San Cristobal and Santa Cruz. The Galapagos Islands are generally known as nature’s heaven, and our volunteers strive to preserve the islands' unique ecosystem.


IWASHERE invites individuals, couples, families, students, researchers and groups to volunteer in Brazil, a good command of English is recommended. Volunteers from all nationalities, backgrounds, people with different experiences and expertise are welcome to participate in programs in Ecuador because we believe that everyone has something to contribute!

A typical week
The programs or the tasks of the week may vary from project to project . As a volunteer you will work 4-8 hours a day and will be entitled to some weekly days off. Working days are planned with our project co-ordinator and we are very flexible if you require some time off, just remember to notify the project coordinator in good time.

Volunteers normally work from Monday to Friday. There will be plenty of time and opportunities during weekends to explore Ecuador further on your own or with the other volunteers. You can take trips or visit various places such as Quito, Cuenca, the world's highest volcano, Cotopaxi or the Amazon Rainforest. You will also have the opportunity to go island hopping on the different. You can for example: visit the Charles Darwin Research Station. You can also take a trip to the mainland, the distance is relatively short between the major cities and tourist attraction destinations. You can snorkel, dive, swim or take the opportunity to study the wildlife Ecuador has to offer.

When you arrive at the airport, you will be picked up by a project coordinator and transported to a guest house for volunteers. All volunteers will receive information about the country, culture, project and a tour of the city.


The Galapagos Islands are one of the most biologically diverse places on the planet, and the local people appreciate this. Tourism is their key income; therefore it is important that they can communicate with the tourists. English is a must for them. They are heavily dependent on volunteers who are willing to come and help them learn and improve their English skills.
Santa Cruz Island is not only a beautiful place but also a perfect place for Island Hopping. You can go to Isla Isabela which is about 2 hours away, or other islands.

As a volunteer you will help with the following:

- Teaching English to local people (children or adults)
- Cleaning of beaches and lagoons.
- Assisting with recycling

A typical weekday:
Volunteers will work from Monday to Friday. The daily tasks are dependent on your abilities and desires, so let us know what you would like to contribute. You can participate in the various projects each week depending on the length of your stay. Volunteers are free to explore the port city and discover the island's many tourist attractions after work and on weekends.