Rio De Janeiro is a city of contrasts comprising of different aspects such luxury, poverty , old and new. Everything is wrapped up in the wonderful scenery of sandy beaches, tall verdant mountains. From one of the highest peaks watching the famous statue of Christ, O Christo Redentor, the city and its inhabitants. The rich and poor live side by side in this bustling metropolis of Rio De Janeiro. Lavish villas are seen in different parts of the city and also many favelas that stick to almost any hillside in the city. These favelas are slums, where life is lived according to ones preferences and terms . Rio is encompassed with the atmosphere of celebration and joy with samba and bossa nova music flowing from street corners and beach bars, also especially on the city's football stadiums were the major four teams is play. Football in Brazil is an obsession and a harrowing experience. Residents living in the favela live in extreme poverty despite its privileged location bearing some of Brazil's most beautiful beaches. Many organizations have created projects for children living in favelas. You as a volunteer in Brazil will be able to lend a hand at one of the centers that offer various activities. In this way you will get a deeply fascinating and exciting glimpse of life in these communities that are real and significant side of Rio other than all the pleasures of the city's beaches and promenades.


IWASHERE invites individuals, couples, families, students, researchers and groups to volunteer in Brazil. A good command of English is recommended. Volunteers from all countries, backgrounds and experiences are welcome to participate in programs in Brazil. Everyone has something to contribute!

A typical week
The program or tasks of the week may vary from project to project. As a volunteer you will work 4-8 hours a day and you will be entitled to some weekly days off . Working days are planned with our project coordinator and we are very flexible in offering you a holiday if you want but just remember to notify the project coordinator in time.

Breakfast with the other volunteers is usually between 7:30 and 8:30. Around 9-9:30 you will depart for your workplace where you will be stationed and mingle with the local people and plan your day. You will have a lunch break during the day. Working days usually end between 14:00 and 17:00. After that you will have the opportunity and time to explore the local area, play with the kids, or hang out with the other volunteers. In the evening you can visit a local restaurant with friends.

Brazil is so vast and there are a lot of things to do which can wear you out. You can take a trip to the beach, discover and explore the majestic city of Rio De Janeiro. Here you will have the opportunity to see the famous statue of Cristo Redentor which is one of the major tourist attractions, or visit São Paulo. If you need help in planning a trip, the project coordinator in Brazil will help you.

When you arrive at the airport, you will be picked up by a project coordinator and taken to the guest house where you will be staying along with other volunteers who come from different parts of the world. All volunteers will receive information about the country, culture, project and given a tour of the city. There will also be an opportunity to get Portuguese lessons.

Volunteers will be accommodated in a guest house where you will be staying with the other volunteers from different nationalities. There will be a kitchen which will be available 24 hours a day, it is incredibly cheap to eat out or go shopping in Brazil, the project coordinator will help you to find place were it is best to shop or eat. In the house you will have access to Wi-FI and TV.


In Brazil you have the opportunity to teach English in the favelas. The English course runs from 8:00 to 20:00 Monday through Thursday. Classes are divided into the following age groups, 7-9 years, 10-13 years, 14-18 years and 18 + years. On Fridays you as a volunteer, helping to answer questions from local students who have received scholarships to study at the NGO partner language school Cultura Inglesa. As a volunteer in the program you have the possibility to work independently as a teacher where you plan the week's lessons, or you might prefer just to help another teacher during a lesson. It is entirely up to you.
By showing commitment and adding some interesting ideas to your teaching, you will discover that the children develop a growing interest in the language and they improve rapidly. If you are a trainee student teachers an internship is also possible for you. If you like, you can also teach other subjects such as Art, Sports, Geography, Music, Physics, Mathematics and Drama. If you have special requirements or qualifications, so let us know and we can find the most suitable project to you.

As a volunteer in Brazil, you can, you can help with Spanish lessons in the favelas. There will be Spanish classes four times a week. Spanish students follow a plan created exclusively by an NGO, but volunteers are expected to add their own activities. You will work closely with a Spanish teacher who will help you along the way. If you want to be a Spanish teacher, then you should have experience with the language. As a volunteer in the program, should have the ability to work independently as a teacher where you plan the week's lessons, or if you can choose you just to help another teacher during a lesson. It is entirely up to you. By showing commitment and adding some interesting ideas for teaching, you will discover that the children's interest in the language will grow and improve rapidly.

If you have special requirements or qualifications, so let us know and we can find the most suitable project for you.


As a volunteer in Brazil, you have the opportunity to help in the favelas, in a project that has been created by an NGO. The project offers football training 2 times a week, for children from 7-17 years. It is important to volunteer for this project because they cannot afford to pay for additional training because the project entirely depends on donations. One of the goals is to inspire and nurture natural talent among children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. The project offers these children and young people a chance to become part of a team. They are responsible and they get regular routines of everyday life. This helps to keep children off the streets and away from crime and abuse. As a volunteer, you will help with such activities, distributing water, monitoring the players and participating in the game or be the referee. You will work closely with the football coach and psychologists in the project. As a volunteer you will be able to accompany the team for various trips, but it is simultaneously also your job to help with the practical work. You need no previous experience as a coach or physical education teacher. The most important thing is that you want to help children and young people in sport to be a part of everyday life.
In your time as a volunteer, you will be responsible for the development of young soccer players' basic skills and technique. You help to coordinate and plan training sessions to further develop the players' ball control, their passing skills and their tactical abilities.

As a volunteer in Brazil, you can help out at the Ballet project for both boys and girls from ages 5 to 17, where you teach them about classical dance and other styles that are not normally found in the Favelas. The classes are hours are twice a week for 1 hour and 45 minutes, in a dance studio. As a volunteer, you will work with a ballet instructor. You will also attend meetings with parents when necessary and go to different events with the class. As this project is only twice a week, you can combine this project with one of the other projects we offer in Brazil. To participate in this project requires that you have experience in dance.

The project offers Capoeira for males and females aged 8-35. Capoeira is a martial dance, a mix of martial arts and dance that originated during the slavery period in Brazil. The training is scheduled twice a week for 2 hours. As a volunteer on this project, you will work with another trainer. You will help to organize the week's training sessions and participate as part of the team. As a volunteer you will also participate in various events with the class. To participate as a volunteer in this project, you should be able to speak Portuguese at an intermediate level as well as having experience in Capoeira.

This program is designed for boys and girls who have an interest in experiencing a new kind of sport. They train twice a week. You will work with the coach, and will help organize volleyball equipment, layout of the network and to be part of the team. As a volunteer, you will help other practical tasks and accompany the children various events. As the only train 2 times a week, you have the opportunity to participate in other projects.

This program is designed for mothers and fathers who have children enrolled in one of our activities. The issues taken up in this group are related to the difficulties they face as parents. There will be sessions on Saturdays for half hours. The guided discussion is based on a topic or an event that happened in Vidigal or Rio de Janeiro, which has an impact on the family. You will work with a psychologist attached to the project. As a volunteer you will help take notes in the group, organize snacks, and doing research on topics for the group. As a volunteer you will participate in all the group activities and it is expected that you can speak Portuguese at an intermediate level.

This program is designed to teach children and adults who are interested in developing their technology skills. The classes are divided by age, and are held twice a week for half hour each. As a volunteer, you will help the tutor who started this project, by teaching underprivileged children from public schools.
You will work directly with the tutor to arrange lessons and depending on your level of Portuguese, you can even teach classes on their own.



"I loved my time and project here in Brazil. I worked with children, everything from looking after young children to playing football with the older kids. While I have been here I have learned some Portuguese as this is the only the only language the little children to spoke to us. It has been so exciting. There are lots of really cute kids who want attention and want to learn new things. I loved the challenge and got to know every child on a personal level. They are a group of talented children and each of them has a desire to learn and grow. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity to help them and be a part of this project, and I hope that I have helped to make a difference in their lives, as well as my own .

I have always dreamed of going to Brazil, I got this opportunity to experience the "favela" which is the famous ghetto in Brazil. It is a beautiful place in its own way. I made some good friends from all around the world. We enjoyed ourselves with drinks on the roof in the evening where we could see beyond the favela and the water, such incredible views !! We did many things together, went on trips to the Amazon jungle, boat trips and explored Rio. There is so much more to this place than just crime and it was a real eye opener for me. It is a shame that we walk around at home with prejudices about these places. I have never met a people who have nothing but are so open and generous. It's definitely something I will keep in mind in the future! I definitely recommend others to volunteer through IWASHERE they have been really helpful and responded to all the stupid questions I had before I left. It IS definately something I would do again.

Alex , Denmark