Malawi is often described as "The Warm Heart of Africa" ​​because of its friendly people and its great variety of landscapes. Volunteering in Malawi can be a truly rewarding and great experience. There is plenty to see and do in Malawi, the biggest plus of Malawi and the main reason for many trips to Malawi Lake Malawi, Africa's third largest lake which is surrounded by miles of golden beaches and tropical with hundreds of colored tropical fish.
Malawi is one of Africa's poorest countries with a short history of democracy. The country is fighting against corruption, political problems, poor governance, hunger and HIV/ AIDS is a major problem for the country's population. More than half of Malawi's population of 12 million people, live on less than 8 dollars a day. In connection with our partners in Malawi, IWASHERE’s purpose is to make a difference especially for the lives of Malawi's underprivileged and neglected children.
Projects include working in orphanages, teaching in primary and secondary schools, and working in the medical field. It's only a few people who are not touched by this experience, visit one of Africa's most underdeveloped countries.

Malawi is located in the southern part of the continent. A small landlocked country bordered by Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia, it is one of the world's most underdeveloped nations. Tobacco farming is a major industry, yet there are serious economic, environmental and growing number of HIV / AIDS Infected problems.

The country is known for its enchanting combination of landscapes, its friendly locals, and of course Lake Malawi. South of the lake is Lilondgwe National Park, where snorkeling and scuba diving can be enjoyed. Lake Malawi is backed by steep hillsides and edged with perfect beaches. Visit the lake and enjoy the cool breezes that are a must. Lilongwe is Malawi's capital, which is host to some international restaurants and a couple of inviting bars. The calmer city Lilonge has an impressive old town, which has markets, stalls selling local crafts and cafes.


IWASHERE invite individuals, couples, families, students, researchers and groups to volunteer in Malawi. A good command of English is recommended. Volunteers from all countries, backgrounds and experiences are welcome to participate in programs in Malawi. Everyone has something to contribute!

A typical week
The structure of the week may vary from project to project. As a volunteer you work around. (delete the dot here) 4-8 hours a day and has and weekly days off. Working days are planned with our project, it is possible to get free if you need something such as going on a trip, just remember to give the project coordinator message in time.

Between 7:30 and 8:30 there is usually breakfast with the other volunteers. Around 9-9:30 depart for your workplace, where you will meet with local people and plan your day. You have a lunch break during the day and for the most part, ending the workday between 14:00 and 17:00. After which you have free time to explore the local area, play with the kids, or hanging out with the other volunteers. In the evening you can visit a local restaurant with friends.

Over the weekend, it is possible to visit the orphanage where the children will be happy to be entertained. There are a number of things you can do in your free time, such as visiting national parks or Mulanje Massif. The project coordinator will be happy to help you arrange this, otherwise you will have time to relax after a long week, or you can arrange to explore the local town or travel further afield. Extended weekends can be arranged to allow for safari tours, but remember to give us time.

When you arrive at the airport, you will be picked up by a project coordinator. You will then be taken to the guest house where you will be staying, along with other volunteers, who comes from different parts of the world. All volunteers will receive information about the country, culture, the project and given a tour of the city.

Volunteers will be accommodated in a guest house for volunteers, where you will have your breakfast, lunch and dinner. The guest house will be cleaned every day. It is situated right on the beach, about 7 km south of Monkey Bay Town. It has a beautiful view out over the water!


Participate in this great project, and to teach physical education in schools by Lake Malawi. You will play a vital role in teaching children how to play various games and sports such as football, volleyball and many other sports activities. As volunteers on this project free in the morning, choose volunteers to get involved with one of the orphanages in the Monkey Bay area. This program is ideal if you are interested in a wide range of sports and you want to make a difference for the young children in Malawi. Your working day will start at. Delete the (.) 8:00 in the morning when you have the opportunity to help out at an orphanage. You will help teaching the little children, who have not started school yet. Here you will teach them the alphabet, counting, basic times tables and English.

In the afternoon. at 14:00 you will assist in the teaching and playing the different sports offered at the schools. Football is the most popular sport in Malawi, as in much of Africa.

Volunteers on this project will be really appreciated as there they are seen as resources to provide extra help. There are a number of tasks that you will be in charge of which will be scheduled with the staff. If you have any ideas for new activities, the staff is always open for suggestions.

Volunteers will help with the following:
• Teaching physical education in schools.
• Organize events such as after-school clubs, tournaments and matches.
• Work with local sport teams, where you will assist the trainer.
• Assist with construction projects at schools. These construction projects may be building sports facilities, storeroom, kitchen and library.

A typical day
A typical day for volunteers on this project. The structure may be varied.

7:00 Breakfast
8.00 Helping in an orphanage
12.00 Lunch
14.00 Sport activities
18.00 Dinner
19:00 Here you can meet up with the other volunteers for extra training with the local football team and interact with the children.

Spend your time as a volunteer at a great orphanage and medical development. The main goal of this project is to support the local community hospital and the local orphanage at Monkey Bay in Malawi. By participating in this project, you will have the rare opportunity to make a critical difference to those who need it most, by providing care to people in the hospital, educate children through health workshops and spend time with the small children suffering from AIDS. This project is suitable for medical students or volunteers who are fully trained and experienced. Volunteers without medical experience are also welcome to participate in this project. They will spend much of their time working with orphans in Monkey Bay.

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, with over half of the population living lives below the poverty line, with an average daily income of less than 8 8 what? Dollars? The majority of the population live in rural areas and are provided with free health care through a national health care system. This program consists of 3 different project areas to suit all levels of experience.

Local Community Hospital and Clinics
This project is suitable for volunteers with previous medical experience. Volunteers with no experience acompany a doctor and observe. You will also help with administrative tasks or regestering patient data.

We are currently working with Monkey Bay Hospital funded by an Icelandic organization, and thus you will work with a mix of African and Icelandic nurses and doctors during your time here. There is room for approx. 60 patients at the Monkey Bay hospital, of which eight are in the maternity ward. There is a laboratory that can perform simple tests such as measurement of hemoglobin, but there is also equipment to perform transfusions and other relevant tests. All volunteers on this project, especially those who are studying or are considering a career in the medical profession, also have the opportunity to get out to the local and inform on tropical and infectious diseases.

There will also be an opportunity to work as a lab technician where you will perform all the vital tests for the hospital. You will typically work from 8:00 to 12:30 every day in the hospital or clinics.

Local orphaned Center
The project work is suitable for all volunteers, those who have medical skills, but mostly it is recommended for those who have little or no experience. This orphan day care center currently houses around 70-100 young orphans, many of those affected by HIV / AIDS. You will be involved in a number of activities which include teaching, preparing food, teaching the importance of health and nutrition and the prevention of HIV / AIDS.
Generally, your day is primarily focused on getting the children to smile. You will typically work from 8:00 to 12:00 every day. In the afternoon you will be have free where you can play with the kids, or meet up with the other volunteers.

This center extremely lacks financing and therefore any donations and fundraising will be incredibly appreciated.

Outreach Clinics
These clinics are available to all medical volunteers and will take place on a Friday between 08:00 and 15:00. You want to run around with other local doctors and visit the poor areas. This is a very rewarding job and will give you a rare opportunity to witness the daily poverty and situations that the Malawian people are facing, while helping to reduce their problems through your help and care.

You can participate in a variety of activities, ranging from providing essential medical care, vaccinations, feeding, assist during childbirth, data collection, distribution of supplies and inform people about nutrition, HIV / AIDS and health. It is important that you as a volunteer in this project are open and ready to lend a hand where it is neeed. If you have any ideas about new activities you are welcome to contact the staff, as they will really appreciate new ideas.